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Original music artwork and photography by Greenbeanz Media

ABOVE : Original music artwork and photography by Greenbeanz Media

Web Images, CD Covers, Posters, Promotional Material

Your business profile is important and the images used to convey this should be as unique as your own USP. When I create images and promotional campaigns I have always recognized the importance of using my skills to craft images in response to YOUR brief. Your budget, style and the direction of your narrative is always taken into account, with each and every creative decision, in order to realise your aims. As a long established multi media consultant, with a proven track record in website creation, audio recording and promotional filmmaking I will make sure that your web and print media is providing the clear message that you want to communicate.

Billboard Mayflower 400 Campaign  Photograph PlymouthABOVE : A Billboard for Plymouths Mayflower 400 Programme using images commissioned by Plymouth City Council from Greenbeanz Photography

A Different kind of Promotional PRODUCT

As a small bespoke creator I will produce and tailor make media for you that utilises the most effective artistic processes and professional techniques, to represent, your vision and your message. Using the same methods and attention to detail, in capturing you, your products, premises and staff, that I do when working with large agencies, models and international organisations, Greenbeanz Media is about providing quality and originality for everyone.What you and your customers see on screen, or in print, reflects on me and your reputation is as important to me as my own. In a visual centric world it is all to easy to get lost in the noise, so I will help you navigate a meaningful graphic journey for your story, through this storm. I treat you with the same level of dedication whether you are an individual, business, national organisation or Community Interest Company.

Promotional Print Artwork and PhotographyABOVE : An image created for the Radiant Galleries 'Poison' promotional print media


Original Music artwork and Photography

ABOVE : On body original artwork for METADATA's 'Information Supernova' CD

For small businesses and individuals this means endeavouring to reveal and match the passion and energy that drives you. I will go the extra mile to capture that dynamic and reflect your style, whether that be a CD cover, a poster campaign or a limited edtion run of merchandise. As well as traditional promotional photography I can create unique, uncompromising and unforgettable artwork to give that image added value and help it communicate your message across multiple media platforms and campaigns. I am here to make your ideas a visible reality.

HOLD Mental Health Exhibition Graphic Production

ABOVE : The image for 'Hold' an installation about mental health by Effervescent UK



With a background in both fine art , event and press/reportage photography, I appreciate the value of time, succintiness and a realistic budget in capturing that unrepeatable moment. While an authentic and unique voice is often crucial in connecting with people, it is your voice I am translating into imagery, and your story that people will change and respond to. The material I create is a tool you can use to communicate. I am not interested in persuading you to adopt a style, or subscribe to a commercial dogma, that distracts from the clarity of your vision. Greenbeanz Media is about presenting opportunites for engagment, not obstacles between subject and viewer. You as the customer are treated as an individual and your media package is built around your needs and expectations.

 Music CD Booklet Design

ABOVE : The front and back cover for the 'Welcome to Choonovia ' CD booklet

Equine Photography Marketing Image

ABOVE : Sometimes simplicity is the key to explain exactly what your business is about


Promotional  Music Photography Plymouth CD CoverABOVE : The artwork for Kate Fergusons CD cover

As an artist I appreciate the value of collaboration. It is with that spirit I remain open minded and always listening for opportunities to work along with others on their journey. I have worked with art directors, filmmakers, promoters, editors and advertising agencies. If you have a project that you think would benefit from these elements please do get in touch.

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Commercial and Concept Composite PhotographyABOVE : A composite image in which the same model plays all three characters